AçaiXpress was born out of love of all things healthy and delicious…


The brand was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2015 by a native Brazilian lady,

whose passions lie in health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle. It all started when she noticed a gap in the market

finding healthy, yet delicious, eating options.


 “ I have a sweet tooth and every time I visited the Malls, I always wanted an option to feed my sweet craving but still be
healthy. That was the moment AçaiXpress was born.” – Owner, AçaiXpress


Her true passion for açai, this miraculous little fruit from Amazon rainforest, combined with initiative,

managerial skills and support from her husband, lead her to create her own unique brand…with the goal to

see it spread worldwide!


AçaiXpress is an Emirati Company and the first ever to offer a dedicated Acai based product

range to consumers and resellers across the United Arab Emirates and selected International markets.



At AçaiXpress, we are passionate about healthy eating and the delicious power of Acai.

Our goal is to make the pure Acai berry, directly sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, readily available to those

committed to taking care of their health and fitness.


Our açai is a 100% fruit puree, gluten free, lactose free, contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, preserving 100% of

the berry fruit’s properties and flavor. Great for both kids and adults!


AçaiXpress is the new destination for consumers looking to balance their eating habits and fulfill their cravings for delicious food.



As an innovative concept, AçaiXpress offers consumers a one of a kind experience comprised of an innovative product range,

exceptional customer service and exciting design filled with bright and vibrant colors, high energy and fun.


Our staff are carefully selected and trained in all aspects of the AçaiXpress concept, delivering custom-made delicious treats,

drinks and meal in an informative way.


The AçaiXpress concept can be experienced through a variety of channels including: Retails Stores, Kiosks or Pop up Cart (for

temporary events, short term promotions and catering). Additionally, the company can support wholesale delivery via


resellers such as hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.




Al Wahda Mall

Abu Dhabi, UAE

2nd Floor, Food Court

+971 2 642 3855



YAS Mall

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Level 1, Food Court

+971 2 444 4280