Despite its insane popularity all over the world, acai berries still have a bunch of myths associated with them. We have handpicked some of the most commonly misunderstood acai berry myths and thwarted them for good.

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7 Most Common Acai Berry Myths Busted for Good

Acai Berry Myth #1 – Overconsumption Leads to Added Weight

This one’s definitely a myth. While there’s no hard and fast rule about acai berries contributing to your overall BMP (*Body Mass Percentage), many people believe that eating too many berries will put on extra pounds on the needle.

The fact that acai berries are a super diet, and come with a range of flexible recipes, you can watch your calorie count without busting the weight machine.

For instance, in one of our recent acai berry posts, we suggested limiting the toppings to 3 max, so that you don’t accidentally end up adding extra calories without paying attention to it. While you are busy making acai berry bowls, make sure that you have only added 1 – 3 toppings, such as; Granola, coconut powder, frozen strawberries, etc. to keep the calories at a bare minimum.

Also, if you are struggling with weight loss, maintain a healthy exercise program. Exerting and sweating will help you to lose weight fast, while acai berry breakfast menus will work on the side to speed up your metabolism.

Acai Berry Myth #2 – Acai Berries are Extremely High In Calories

That’s not true at all.

If you were to look up on Google for calories in acai berry recipes, you will find out that the overall calories are at an all-time low. Not only that, but acai berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, which leads to better body performance throughout the day.

People who consume Acai berry bowls daily, reportedly have lower cholesterol levels, traces of high-quality fats, and better memory functionality. Prolonged use of acai berry is known to induce an anti-aging effect on the skin, while also keeping the skin glowing and fresh.

Acai Berry Myth 2

Acai Berry Myth#3 – Acai Berries Have a Rejuvenating Property

The fact that acai berries are known to have anti-aging properties holds true for the aforementioned statement. Therefore, it’s not a myth.

To elaborate on the acai berry rejuvenating effects, a single bowl of acai berry is equivalent to few hours of a fast metabolism. Top it off with an exercise regimen – and that too, on daily basis, you will begin to lose weight fast.

Acai berries are ahead of other fruits, such as mangoes, raspberries, black currants, and vice versa. They have a high concentration of antioxidants alongside many other nutrients that have anti-cancerous properties.

Acai Berry Myth#4 – You Can Only Eat Acai Berry Bowl If You Are Maintaining an Exercise Program on the Side!

This one’s a myth because acai berries do not mandate exercise at any level.

Yes, we do talk about including an exercise program in your daily work life, but that’s only because consuming acai berries, while you have an extra hour or two spared for exercise, leads to a fast metabolic state.

However, if you have just started eating acai bowls and also happen to be overweight, do not worry about exercising right away. Take everything in moderation and start with baby steps. Once your body has shed a few pounds, you can take up an hour of walk, light cardio, and so on and so forth. The gym isn’t going anywhere. It can be joined after a few months of eating acai berry breakfast, meals, and salads.

Acai Berry Myth 4

Acai Berry Myth#5: Acai Berries are Great for Dealing with Psychological Diseases

They might not be “great” for dealing with psychological diseases, but the superfood has been known for helping with symptoms of PMS, anxiety, and general fatigue. On a side note, we bet that you took it as a myth because there are very few naturally occurring diets that help people to deal with psychological issues.

Scientific studies reveal that people dealing with addiction, stress, anxiety and such other symptoms have a chemical imbalance in their bodies. Acai berries are not a cure for psychological diseases, but given the nutrients in them, they are a perfect fit for anyone who needs a change of diet and environment in their life.


Acai Berry Myth#6: Acai Berries Have a High Amount of Iron

Unfortunately, if there’s one thing that’s not abundant in acai berries, it’s Iron. Therefore, this is quite true when someone says that acai berries do not have high traces of iron in them.

At a minuscule level, there are traces of zinc, iron, and such other elements in acai berries, but they do not have a profound effect on the human body. At least, not at a rapid state.  Fortunately, as we said earlier in this acai berry myths post, the superfruit works like a rejuvenator.

The “lack” of iron, is replaced by Vitamin, E, Vitamin C, magnesium, and ellagic acids, all of which are beneficial for the human body. Therefore, if you are suffering from anemia or overall iron deficiency, it’s better to include other foods to help supplement the process.

Acai Berries Have a High Amount of Iron

Acai Berry Myth #7: It is Necessary to Use Toppings with Acai Berry Bowls

Myth. Period!

As we said earlier, acai berries have a very flexible property – as in, you can use them with or without toppings.

The good thing about toppings is that they add to the taste profile of the acai bowl, while also enriching the overall nutrient and protein count. Unfortunately, adding too many toppings, cream, and sugars, which is definitely not recommended, also racks up the fats percentage.

Therefore, keep everything in check and in moderation when it comes to toppings. The ideal and healthy combination of toppings is to keep them at a bare minimum, in controlled serving size, and with a teaspoon of honey as a sweetener.

Don’t use Guarana syrup or crushed sugar because both of them can spike up your blood sugar levels. Remember, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will have to make a few small sacrifices here n’ there.

Therefore, try to consume acai berries in natural form, as God intended, or when you are busy rustling up acai berry bowl recipes, add fruit, low-calorie toppings, and naturally occurring sweeteners to keep it simple and super digestible.


The acai berry is tasty, nutritious, and healthy. There’s nothing to worry about in the context of the aforementioned myths. Now that you know what are the main myths and truths about the acai berry, what’s holding you back from having your first acai berry bowl?

Good luck and Bon Appetit!

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