Acai Near You in Abu Dhabi

AcaiXpress NEAR YOU in Abu Dhabi

Located in Yas Mall & Al Nahyan area, we offer a huge menu of Acai bowls, smoothies, juices, breakfast, and all-day meals. 

At AcaiXpress, in addition to Acai mixed with other fruits, it is the only place where you can eat Organic Pure Acai in a perfect consistency without mixing it with bananas or other ingredients and topping it with a wide selection of toppings. 

Start a day with a delicious breakfast, a healthy lunch, or a lighter dinner. We are open daily for tours, takeaways, and deliveries. Looking for acai near you? Order Now at AcaiXpress in Abu Dhabi!

“Tasty acai, set inside a lovely premises in Abu Dhabi.”

My favourite place to go in Yas Mall! Bambam is always friendly and very helpful.

Our Acai in Abu Dhabi

AcaiXpress at Yas Mall & AcaiXpress Cafe in Al Nayhan area are the places to satisfy your acai cravings and enjoy a first-of-its-kind theme acai cafe experience in Abu Dhabi straight from the forests of Amazon!!!

With well-decorated walls and a brightly lit interior, AcaiXpress provides the ideal setting for diners to enjoy a healthy Acai offering in Abu Dhabi and locations near you in UAE. 

Why AcaiXpress?

AcaiXpress in Abu Dhabi creates an experience to “unplug” from the stress of day-to-day life.  We use premium 100% Grade “A” Acai as the central ingredients. With our healthy offering we strong believe you can practice an active and healthy lifestyle without giving up the flavor and awesome taste we all crave.

Range of Options to Select from

AcaiXpress offers a range of toppings, from nuts to fresh fruits and super food booster shots. Our Acai menu includes the organic acai blend topped with granola, peanuts, walnut, almond flakes, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, banana, grapes, kiwi, and seasonal fruits.

Our Offerings at Abu Dhabi

Full of colorful and flavourful toppings packed into a bowl, the acai bowls we offer are a refreshing and healthy option that doubles as a dessert. Come by any outlet in Abu Dhabi for a healthy Acai treat today near you!

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