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Welcome to AcaiXpress, a specialized Acai house, where you can find a Premium Quality Acai used in delicious recipes and with a wide variety of toppings and super food.

In January 2015, AcaiXpress pioneered the introduction of Açaí berry in the UAE through our specialty stores, offering Premium Açaí berry, blended or pure in a unique texture, with delicious and stunning combinations. Great choices for vegetarians, vegans, lactose free and gluten free.

“We can get bored in the rush of the day because we don’t eat something that can give us energy or eat fast food, because it’s easier and ends up leaving us with less energy and a heavier conscience. AcaiXpress was created especially with that in mind, Healthy Fast Food, so you can eat anytime of the day and feel good.”Owner

The Amazon Rainforest Miracle Berry.

The acai berry is one of the current trends in the modern world conscious of healthy eating, a perfect meal for those looking for super healthy and nutritious foods.

This delicious tropical fruit originate from Amazon Rainflorest Brazil, has become one of the crazes of the consumer circle in search of super food and healthy products created with this berry. AcaiXpress offers delicious recipes like Acai in the bowl, juices, super juices, Detox juices, salads and gluten-free crepes, not to mention our Gourmet Coffee available at AcaiXpress Café. Our Acai Berry is Premium Quality, all natural and without any preservatives.

Acai berry is a healthier meal option any time of the day!

AcaiXpress offers the best Acai recipes and they are running the Projeto Acai for the benefits of its customers. It is ideal for breakfast as well as lunch, snack and dinner.

The best option for those who desire sweet, satisfies you with free consciousness. Our Projeto Acai is designed to provide the best breakfast, lunch or dinner experience with a delicious acai berry bowls as a component.

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