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Delicious Acai Gelato

Nothing beats having having a scoop of Acai gelato in Abu Dhabi's hot weather. From the classic flavors to unique offerings served in a cup or cone, get the latest scoop through the curated list of the best gelato at AcaiXpress in Abu Dhabi to beat the heat. Who says no to Gelato, right?


AcaiXpress Gelato Offerings

Why we are the best in Abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi is no stranger to hipster cafes and gelato joints, but at AcaiXpress, the flavors are one of a kind. The gelato cones are made with premium ingredients. Tastes as good as they sound, pick from a variety of flavors, and beat the heat.

Creamy, rich and utterly indulgent. Our signature gelato offerings are now available for immediate delivery citywide in Abu Dhabi.

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Monday to Sunday

8 AM to 12 AM

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