AcaiXpress was the first place to provide the number 1 super food Acai berry in UAE, with rich selection of Acai, juices, smoothies, organic gelato, gluten free & lactose free meals and much more, it’s the perfect place to hang around with friends, family and have a delicious and guilty free choices. You can find our stores in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

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AcaiXpress was the first place to provide the number 1 super food Acai berry in UAE,
with rich selection of Acai, juices, smoothies,

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Welcome to AcaiXpress that stands out as the provider of best acai Dubai and UAE.

Acai is a super food obtained from acai berry using scientific methods. There are many consumers looking for acai bowl Dubai in their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For getting the best acai Dubai or UAE you need a trusted provider that would provide you with the genuine product at affordable prices. And when it comes to finding the best acai UAE and Dubai, approaching AcaiXpress can easily turn out as one point solution for you.

Within a short span of 4 years we have established reputation as best acai UAE

The healthy super food is the preference of most of the consumers these days and since its establishment in the year 2015 AcaiXpress has become the top acai berry supplier UAE as well as products derived from acai. The Abu Dhabi based company emphasizes everything that is healthy and at the same time delicious providing a combination of delicious taste and health benefits. Today, acai express Dubai has become the favored destination for the consumers looking for best quality acai berries and acai products. Best part of it is that the products are not only authentic and qualitative but also come at affordable prices making the product ideal for shopping.

We help you create the best acai bowl in Dubai

People coming from different parts of the globe as well as from various locations in Middle East often search for best acai bowl in Dubai and their search ends when they reach out to us at AcaiXpress where they can find everything they are looking for.

AcaiXpress has brought the natural blessings from Amazon to Middle East

We at AcaiXpress have brought this healthy and delicious food all the way from the heart of Amazon to Middle East and especially to Dubai and UAE among others. The company is the first to bring such products for the consumers around in the entire United Arab Emirates. That is why AcaiXpress café in Dubai has become the favorite of most visitors to Dubai looking for quality acai products at reasonable prices. We offer dedicated acai products to direct consumers as well as resellers not only in UAE but at international levels. High quality of products coupled with affordable prices and customer-friendly terms and conditions in transactions have made us the leading provider of acai products in Dubai and UAE.

We ensure timely acai bowls delivery in Dubai and all other places

When you order for acai products from us you will get peace of mind because we ensure timely acai bowls delivery in Dubai in perfect condition.

We always provide only the best acai in Abu Dhabi and that is why we have a fat database of highly satisfied clients who never look elsewhere for acai products.

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