Unforgettable Açaí Creations for Every Occasion!

Elevate your events with AçaíXpress, where we bring extraordinary indoor and outdoor event catering services to your doorstep. From corporate gatherings to VIP soirées, our catering event management infuses the essence of delicious and healthful indulgence into every occasion, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.

About Us

Welcome to AcaiXpress!

AçaiXpress, founded in Abu Dhabi in 2014, was born out of the love for all things that are healthy and delicious. Our experience in events, catering for corporate organizations and VIP’s, made AcaiXpress the best in serving Açaí and healthy food for various occasions, with a reputation for quality and professionalism and fast service.

Why Choose AçaíXpress Catering

Elevate Your Events with AçaíXpress Catering

Choose AçaíXpress for top-tier catering services. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor events, corporate gatherings, or special occasions, we’re renowned for quality and professionalism. Our dedicated team ensures delicious Açaí and wholesome meals, always served with a friendly and dependable approach. Expect us to exceed your expectations, providing a seamless catering experience for any event, big or small. With our commitment to exceptional Açaí, we add a unique and nutritious touch to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Elevate your gatherings with AçaíXpress Catering.

Versatile Catering

AçaíXpress offers catering services for indoor or outdoor events, corporate gatherings, and more.

Proven Excellence

We have a strong reputation for quality and professionalism, ensuring prompt service that aligns with your event's requirements.

Dedicated Team

Our well-trained and devoted team is committed to delivering delicious Açaí and wholesome meals with a friendly and dependable approach.

Exceeding Expectations

We take immense pride in going above and beyond to provide you with a seamless indoor and outdoor event catering experience.

Reliable Service

Whether it's a small-scale corporate meeting or a large-scale outdoor event, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional service consistently.

Exceptional Açaí

Our catering brings the extraordinary taste and nutrition of Açaí to your events, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Our menu

Signature Meals


Mini Bowls


Acai Cone




Breakfast in a Cup






Mixed Bites


Small Bites








The Açaí Tribe

Meet the Açaí Tribe, a community of our cherished customers who have wholeheartedly embraced the love for Açaí and generously shared their passion with us.

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